Legacy & Estate Planning

How many times have you discussed your will, life insurance, location or completion of important documents in the event of an emergency, or whether you have a living power of attorney with your family or caregivers? If you are like most, probably never.  Our team of advisors, in partnership with legal counsel, can help you develop a plan and process to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered and not further stressed during difficult times.  We are here for you and are happy to schedule a private call or in-person meeting at our office or your home to discuss your needs.

We have experience working with all types of businesses:

• Nonprofit Organizations
• Small businesses
• Individuals
• Full-Service Business Management
• Human Resources Administration


• More time to focus on doing what you do well, which is running your business.
• Peace of mind that records are managed to based upon GAAP standards
• Receive an unbiased third party opinion about your companies financial situation
• Obtain more tax deductions
• Be better prepared for tax filings