Our Vision

Zelin & Associates CPA LLC strives to change how our clients think about accounting, auditing, taxes, and financial planning services. A full-service boutique firm, our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff will not only provide the proper financial and tax guidance, but also create a relaxed atmosphere providing peace of mind to our clients.

Our Mission

The mission of Zelin & Associates CPA LLC is to provide exceptional services to our clients by utilizing our experienced and knowledgeable team. The firm collaborates with our clients to understand their vision and needs. Our team strives to exceed our clients’ expectations, and achieve their financial goals in an inviting and enjoyable environment. Each team member is a knowledgeable resource and together, we bring clients the benefits of our shared expertise and insight.

Our Values

All team members are proudly committed to the following values:

  1. Integrity – Treat clients in the highest ethical manner by gaining trust through the firm’s actions.
  1. Knowledge – Ability to expand the firm’s technical expertise by exceeding the client’s expectations. We focus on continuous improvement to ensure we stay on top of emerging issues that matter to our clients and community.
  1. Service – Deliver the highest level of quality service performed by the firm, holding ourselves accountable to our clients and to each other.
  2. Respect – Understand different opinions and respect ideas by treating everyone fairly, leading to the highest level of productivity, team satisfaction, and kept commitments.
  3. Leadership – We know our people are our strength; we encourage collaboration, learning, innovation and creativity. Seasoned employees take the initiative in assisting with developing the next generation by obtaining the proper skills while becoming market segment experts.
  4. Enthusiasm – Create a nurturing team that provides the highest level of commitment and service to our clients to ensure we stay on top of emerging issues.