Live In-Person Tax Education

I guess it’s the performer in me: I just love doing workshops, lectures and seminars.

It means I get to drag myself away from number-crunching and interact with living, breathing beings. It means that maybe somebody comes away from one of our meetings with useful information, maybe even life-changing stuff.  Well, okay, maybe not life-changing . . . but still….

When I do a lecture or workshop, I don’t just do a standard “canned” presentation. I work with the client to create a program specifically for that event.  And we discuss client needs far enough in advance that I can generate a thoughtful presentation at a pace that allows for a solid Q&A at the end.

If the client wants it, I’ll also create PowerPoint slides just for the event.  The client gets to audit the slides in advance, so it’s known exactly what will be seen by the audience at that event.  So when the time comes, the client can just kick back and relax and let it all roll by, knowing that all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed.

Some themes I’ve addressed?

  •  Retirement Planning Before It’s Too Late
  •  The Business of Being an Artist
  •  Running a Small Business without Running out of Money
  •  Business Plan Writing and re-Writing (it’s like songs, only about money)
  •  Setting and Pursuing Financial Goals
  •  Auditing Small Businesses: A RiskBased Approach

If you’d like to discuss my doing a workshop, lecture or seminar, you can reach me at 1-646-678-4496 or