Peer Review

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, in addition to individual state regulatory requirements, mandates member CPA firms undergo a peer review to evaluate overall accounting and auditing practices every three (3) years. Zelin & Associates CPA LLC provides peer reviewer services to other CPA firms with constructive and ongoing feedback.

Zelin & Associates CPA LLC is a full-service accounting and auditing firm based in New York City and a member of the AICPA Government Audit Quality Center and its Peer Review Committee.  As Peer Review Team Captain, Steven B. Zelin, CPA leads our firm’s AICPA Peer Review practice concentrating on small to mid-sized firm Peer Reviews.  Our goal is to provide our Peer Review clients with an efficient and cost-effective Peer Review that enhances a firm’s quality control and overall accounting and auditing success.

Zelin & Associates CPA LLC also has the vast accounting and auditing talent of Mark R. Cohen, CPA and Edward B. Newman, CPA through our merger in 2017.  Our firm has earned an outstanding reputation in the business community. It is on the New York State Comptroller’s recommended list of Accounting Firms and has earned the highest marks in Peer Review.  Our vast experience in this area has benefited firms in the Peer Review process as well as adding value to their best practice ideas.

The selection of your Peer Reviewer is critical to receiving the full benefit of your Peer Review.  Ideally, you want to match your Peer Reviewer’s experience to your firm’s experience for maximum efficiency and insight. At Zelin & Associates CPA LLC we strive to provide proper guidance while maintaining a relaxed and seamless process with each Review.

Steven B. Zelin, The Singing CPAⓇ has a Peer Review Song:

You need a peer review
for your accounting firm.
The due date’s coming
But don’t be nervous
Call Steve Zelin, the Singing CPA
He has a message for you:

Don’t worry ‘bout peer review
Cuz every little thing
Is gonna be alright.
Don’t worry about peer review
Cuz every little thing
Is gonna be alright.