Steven Zelin is a registered representative with the following registrations: Series, 6, 7, 63, and can transact business with clients in New York, New Jersey and Delaware.


For many years it’s has been my great pleasure to write songs and perform them, mostly locally, for business groups, gatherings of all kinds, and kids.

Along the way I became the singing cpa, probably best known in New York for playing my guitar and singing on the steps of the Main Post Office in Manhattan on tax deadline night.

How does something like this come about? Well, it struck me that most people think of accounting as drudgery and accountants as squinty-eyed people hunched over ledger sheets and tax forms. Not! So part of my impulse was to put myself in a public venue and make fun of my own career, really. The other part was to maybe make people laugh at what is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of the year for most of us.

From the feedback I get every year, it seems that I accomplished both! The Wall Street Journal  and The New York Times have taken notice. Buzz has been generated. Blogs have been written. And along the way I’ve become ‘that really smart tax guy who writes and sings funny stuff’.

If you’d like to book the singing cpa for a party, a business event, a gathering of any kind, really, you can reach me at: 1 646 678 4496 – my Manhattan office – or email me at

Have guitar (and guts, and some pretty good songs), will travel.

Wishing you a wonderful year.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Post Office on tax day.