The Most Overlooked Tax Deductions from the Singing CPAⓇ

Steven B. Zelin, CPA, Managing Member at Zelin & Associates CPA in New York City and The Singing CPAⓇ, reports that more than 45 million people itemize deductions on 1040s claiming $1.2 trillion dollars -worth of tax deductions. Taxpayers who claimed the standard deduction accounted for $747 billion. “These taxpayers may have had the opportunity [...]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Financial Tips from The Singing CPAⓇ

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Financial Tips from The Singing CPAⓇ Couples in a relationship may disagree about money because views about money are linked to deeper emotional values like security, control, status, success and freedom. Psychologists agree that talking about money with your partner early (and often) is the best way to prevent quarrels. While [...]

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The Singing CPA Offers Yearend Tips for People Who Don’t Like Paying Taxes

New York, NY,  November 1, 2021-- Steven  B. Zelin, CPA, Managing Member of  Zelin & Associates CPA LLC in New York City, The Singing CPAⓇ, has some yearend tax tips to offer to those businesses and individuals who really don’t like paying taxes.  “There are tax changes being considered in Washington for those with higher income on capital gains taxes and estate and gift taxes among others.   Here are yearend strategies to [...]

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